Interior Design Trends of 2018

This new year is a time to mix things up and brighten your space! A trendy new design has been to mix light brown cork wood with dark wood tones and a few bright lights. To add more vibrancy, place some green plants inside of white vases on your furniture. Its amazing how much just a couple added elements can really make your interior pop. 


Our shop has a variety of wood products and designs that you can choose from. A few recommendations to compliment this design would be:

Alder Lacquer Eased  Wood Design

unnamed (1).jpg

Lacquer Alder

Wood Design

Walnut Clear Lacquer Eased Shaker Wood Design


Lacquer Walnut

Wood Design

If you want an even darker version of wood, another option would be the Textured Melamine wood design

unnamed (2).jpg

Textured Melamine

Wood Design

Start off the year with a new and stylish interior design! Be sure to stop by our shop to take a look at any of our interior and wood designs and get advice on how to best design your space.